Eckhart Tolle on Enlightenment

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If you have not read The Power of Now you will want to do that. This helps whether you have read it or not. I hope you enjoy it.


Oneness the Movie

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This is everything you need to know to get started. I hope you enjoy it.

Oneness University

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This is great material to begin to take you down the path of enlightenment which is absolutely necessary to become a true alchemist.

Will Smith

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This is a great clip where Will Smith lays it out to a degree.  Even though he is off about his idea of what alchemy is, on the symbolic side he’s got it.

The unseen

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Discovery, explorers, the successful few, the accomplished all have something in common. They looked in the void and found something where no one else did. The Hubble space telescope did a study on an “empty patch of sky and found literally thousand of Galaxies. In each galaxy hundreds of millions of stars.


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Circumstantial Alchemy

The circumstances in life are our first real lessons in becoming alchemists. Understanding science, engineering, chemistry, even seeing the future will do you no good if you can’t do something so simple as to be able to use your experiences for knowlegde, growth, and ultimately turn them into something of value where previously there was only pain, heart ache, and dispare.

How is this accomplished? What are the steps?

1st. Stop. Stop thinking, stop worrying. Don’t panic. This moment is about you so breathing and using it for your profit was what was intended to happen. Be careful how you define profit though. The Count of Monte Christo spent a long time in Chateau Dife before he became the wealthiest man alive. It also took him that long to become educated and to learn to focus his energy so he could accomplish his revenge.

2. The answer will come to you while you execute step one if you pay close enough attention.

3. Act on your answer with all your heart, all your focus, all your vision.

4. When in doubt or confused return to step one and repeat from the beginning only making adjustments for knowledge and wisdom acquired along the way.

Good luck. I hope this find you well.


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So the first thing to understand is that you can not trust your senses. Your eyes may lie to you. Your brain may not be processing things as they truely are. If it was you would not have any problems. If it was then you could create value from everything you touched and not just for you but for others. So begin to prayto see the truth. Why pray? Because it is your access to the things that seem beyond you right now. It doesn’t matter what you believe or your religious background. That has no importance. What is important is that you are acknowledging in your subconcious mind that you don’t see what is actually there so it can start to process like a computer to reboot and get rid of the bugs so to say that are limiting your perception.

Imagine for a moment that you knew that waves traveled through space and could carry sound, video, and data before anyone else had. Would that have been valueable to you? You would not be able to do that unless you could conceptualize and percieve the truth around you that wasn’t necesarily visible to everyone else. This truth is essential if you wish to become an alchemist and more importantly, to find out the who and what you really are.

Paul Kohler